Huel’s last UK recipe update to 2.2 brought a change to its texture. Something that a some customers weren’t happy about. I’ve read reports ranging from just “it’s much thicker,” right up to claims of next level gloopiness that would make the Ghostbusters take cover – and no amount of water would resolve it.

Others thought it was fine of course, and thus; 2.2 became Huel’s marmite. The team of course thought it was better, which stands to reason. After all; they wouldn’t release what they thought was an inferior product.

Perhaps the issue was related to mixing method or inexperience with the product? A few days later and with more feedback they took notice.

And the result? Seems 2.2 might be too gloopy after all.

So it seems that calcium citrate was the problem and switching to calcium carbonate will improve things.?Huel are calling this a “slight change” but the effect will be big those that didn’t get on with 2.2, and whilst some are commenting in the Huel forum about the reduction in calcium content by weight (in calcium carbonate vs calcium citrate) it’s important to remember that most of the calcium in Huel, 70% actually, comes from it’s other ingredients. The?calcium citrate (and now calcium carbonate) is just an additional calcium source.

No word on how, if at all, this will affect the US recipe.