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November 9, 2020

Smart Hueligan creates an iPhone shortcut to track Huel use


Spotted on reddit, this is a smart solution using the shortcuts feature of iOS that lets users do a bunch of quick actions around their use of Huel.

If you’ve never used Apple’s Shortcuts before or you’ve only looked briefly it’s well worth getting to know the ins and outs of this app. It can boost your iPhone in new ways and can save you time or help you out of a jam, and more sophisticated routines can kick off a ton of actions with barely any interaction.

This action is smarter than it is complicated, and is all about Huel.

Created by u/PDRonreddit it’ll let you…

1. quickly access your account and make changes

2. Log meals, in terms of hydration, habit tracking, and number of meals per bag.

3. With those notes, find out how many meals you as an individual get from a bag (PDRonreddit averages 21x meals) and adjust your subscription to take account of that..

From the sounds of it, PDRonreddit’s use of Huel means they get four extra meals from each bag than Huel states they ‘should,’ and with that knowledge they’ve been able to reduce their subscription and avoid needless stockpiling.

You can get the the shortcut here

The shortcut relies on iOS notes, HabitMinder and WaterMinder, but can apparently be adjusted to suit.

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