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April 14, 2020

Soylent back in Canada, finally.


It’s been nearly 7 months since the oft repeated “we’re working on it” became “we’re coming back soon” and, finally, Soylent is official back on sale in Canada with an all new website at (get $10 off your first order using that link).

So what’s changed and how did they get around their ban? Have they reformulated or negotiated an exemption? And which products are going on sale?

Most important first, the products and pricing…. because this isn’t a ‘full’ relaunch.

Ready to Drink

Cacao and Original return. Priced at $4.75 per meal for single orders, or $4.28 on subscription. So no Mint Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry.


Both Cacao and Original go on sale (Coffiest having been discontinued). $2.51 per meal for single orders, or $2.09 on subscription


Cafe Mocha is back, $4.75 per meal for single orders, or $4.28 on subscription (No Vanilla or Cafe Chai).

The (re)launch selection is almost certainly the result of the survey Soylent sent out last. Neither Bridge nor Stacked seem to be Soylent ‘core’ products and I’ve not read about anyone desperately keen to buy them so their absence is less curious than the lack of Soylent Eats.

I’d imagine that product selection will expand over time. Though the botched UK launch that has led to only Cacao, Cafe Mocha and Vanilla being on sale via Amazon only – that’s right, we can’t even get Original – does make me wonder.


The USD to CAD comparison is mostly ok, with Original RTD having the only stark difference.
RTD Cacao4.754.52
RTD Original4.753.94
Powder Cacao2.512.53
Powder Original2.512.53
Cafe Mocha4.754.52
Prices normalised to CAD based on 13/04/2020 exchange rate

Subscriptions obviously see those .ca prices falling by 10%, and thankfully it’s less of a difference than UK customers see, where we have the pleasure of paying $5.09 CAD per bottle of RTD Cacao. (I’m not bitter, honest)


The formula is largely unchanged and certainly I couldn’t spot any differences in the ingredients list so it seems Soylent managed to negotiate their way back in, but the usual lack of official announcement makes it really hard to figure out exactly what has gone on. Of course the label now features both English and French translations.

You can get them now from, and if you use that link you’ll get 10% off your first purchase. Original RTD is already showing as sold out so you might want to be quick.

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