UPDATE: 22nd Nov 2019: Soylent aiming for Q1 re-launch with no reformulation of products.
[Source: Soylent Discourse]

Ever since Soylent was cruelly wrenched from the Canadian market back in 2017 one question has been on everyone’s mind north of the border – when the heck is it coming back, eh?

We’re working on it” has been the answer received by most, “it’s coming” heard by others – but the years have passed and very little in the way of progress has been shared. Meanwhile brands like Hol Food, Tudo and Vital House have surely seen sales grow. So I wonder if the arrival of this email, out of nowhere, has them worried….

In typical Soylent fashion there’s no mention of exact dates and it’s interesting that they’re using this survey looking to find out which Soylent products people want most in Canada. I wonder if that suggests a stripped down offering like we receive in the UK? Either way it’s worth completing to get the 20% off your first order when it does eventually go live.

Will new released like Soylent Squared and Mint Chocolate make it? who knows, but this is the best sign that yet that Soylent Canada will actually be a thing once again.

Keep an eye on Soylent.com here.