All is not well over at Soylent this week. The meal-replacement powder is billed as being lactose free however it appears that some whey protein may have found it’s way into an ingredient provided by a third party supplier – sparking a voluntary recall of 1.8 in the wild.

Explaining the voluntary recall on the FDA website

It has recently come to our attention that a small amount of whey powder may have been incorporated into one production lot of Soylent 1.8 powder during manufacturing at our third party facility.

Effected batch details below.

  • Soylent 1.8 powder (SKU: 1WK-V108)
  • Lot #: G7076PA
  • Expiration / Best Buy date: 02/2018

It’s recommended you check for the lot number on the front of the pouch and if affected; you should discard any remaining Soylent 1.8 powder in your possession and and contact the company for a full refund or replacement.

The fast action and quick resolution on this is a big improvement on Soylent’s last problem, and thankfully doesn’t seem to be causing anyone distress.