In an achingly brief article (made briefer by my lack of lack subscription) it would appear that Soylent has an upcoming launch on their hands…. in the UK.

Reddit user Fernly spotted the article on The Telegraph website. No-one else seems to be talking about it, yet, but it’s an exciting development and with so many European Complete Food brands pushing into the US I suppose it was only so long until the US pushed back.

If you have a Telegraph subscription, click on through here, and if you use Amazon keep a very close eye on this page, but Fernly highlights the most salient information…


?3 makes it more expensive than all of the other Ready To Drink products already available in Europe, but, if Soylent is in shops – that could give them a very quick introduction to the market.

Update: 12th September

News has been confirmed, Soylent coming to Amazon on the 12th September… so you’ll want to keep your eye on this search page.

Update: September 18th

Spent a lot of time yesterday refreshing Amazon to no avail, and then reddit user xviux pointed me to this article, that says 18th launch. Since corroborated by the Soylent team, looks like we have a few more days to wait…


Update: September 20th

Seems the date has changed. From the 12th given on Facebook, the 18th on some articles and now both the BBC and Wired saying it’s the 20th.