We posted over on the Future Foods blog a few weeks ago about the video series from Steemit, a filmmaker from the Netherlands who is on a one-year all meal replacement diet. He’s a likeable dude with good skills at making videos. The top link is to his video channel where he recently put up two more short videos.

steemit future food documentaryIn snack urge/twennybar he describes how after a while his urge to “snack” came back, along with a desire to have something to chew on. He’s satisfying these urges with Joylent’s Twennybars, and says some interesting things about them.

In the latest video, Kuasa chocolate Ectomorph, he tries a new product line, Kuasa. He talks about its flavour, and about how the flavours and packaging of the different products match up to the personalities of their makers. He tells about personal meetings with the designers of Joylent, Jake and Kuasa.

Also in this video he demonstrates how he makes his own wake-up meal, adding his own L-Theanine and caffeine. (Both chemicals are in Coffiest, but it’s not available to him.) Anyway, my thought was, this is awfully close to “cooking”…