Interesting article from Lifehacker comparing Cheerios with Soylent and debating the merits of each for breakfast. It’s not negative per se, but it hits the usual tropes and there’s enough sting in the wording to keep to the ‘Soylent bad’ mantra we see in a lot of mainstream websites.

Cherrio’s are apparently low in sugar and free of GMOs whilst Soylent is described as “SlimFast for nerds“, artificial, soy milk in it’s own “chemical way” – and just isn?t worth the five minutes you save by not eating a bowl of cereal.

The writer does recognise the convenience, and says it’s tastes great, but they finish with…

The shame associated with drinking out of that science-lab bottle will feel like your punishment for failing to make time for a proper breakfast

…so there’s clearly one foot stuck well in the past.

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