Website launch - Eat Complete
November 18, 2016

Website launch


I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found lunch disappointing. I’ve worked in an office for half my life and since I far prefer to get an extra twenty minutes in bed than be awake eating cereal; I’ve got a long history of missed breakfasts.

No breakfast led to snacking on chocolate and bakery foods in the morning at my desk and a lunch consisting of a crap sandwich and bag of crisps. Aside from the occasional Friday lunchtime pint… my day time food was eternally disappointing and unhealthy.

In my 20’s I didn’t really care about healthy eating. In my early 30’s I realised I had to eat better, but I never quite got in sync with prepping food in the mornings, then I read about Soylent and in an effort to become a more productive person, I decided to give up food and live entirely on Soylent alone – but I couldn’t get it in Europe.

Cue much research, lots of forum lurking, and then the discovery of Joylent, and then Huel. My life was changed. I’ve found it hard to keep track of opinions though and easily comparing brands has been a struggle, so I thought I’d build a little website to bring all the brands into one place.

The little website became this; the Nutritionally Complete Review. More than anything I want it to become an honest unfiltered place where we can share experiences, ideas and opinions.

There’s still lots to add, but it’s late and it’s Friday night, and looking through my plan I think we’re ready to hit the launch button and see where it takes us. Things will look a little quiet on the front page until we’ve got a few reviews, but I’m excited and I think I’m off to a good start.

Top reviews

  1. Powder - PowderPowder
    by ilixer
  2. Original - PowderOriginal
    by Powder Matter
  3. Coffee - Ready to DrinkCoffee
    by Saturo
  4. Drinking Meal - Ready to DrinkDrinking Meal
    by YFood Labs GmbH
  5. Active - PowderActive
    by Bertrand Bio
  6. Complete Meal Shake - PowderComplete Meal Shake
    by Ambronite
  7. Vitaline Powder - PowderVitaline Powder
    by Source Nutrition
  8. Powder - PowderPowder
    by Saturo
  9. Hol Food - PowderHol Food
    by Hol Food
  10. Bivo - PowderBivo
    by Ovidia Food Srl
Meal types

Mixable Powders
Ready to Drink
Ready to Eat