Ever since the removal of Nectar there’s been a palpable hunger for a new fruity version of Soylent, with brand fans and casual customers alike keen to see what was coming next. Brian Cowley announced Strawberry during an AMA a few months back and, surprise, it’s almost here.

In a move that harks back to the Nectar launch, Amazon is once again giving sneak peaks where it shouldn’t – this time with a full product page for Soylent’s new Strawberry – so if you want to get an early order in, now is the time: we can’t see this page lasting long.


The Amazon page didn’t last long, with it being removed almost as quickly as it went up. It does seem to have spurned Soylent into action though, with an official pre-order happening over here.

No word on shipping date yet, though it appears the people that managed to snag an amazon order have been told it’ll be June 21st.

Exciting times for Soylent fans. And is that a new bottle style we spy?