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December 23, 2016

Wonderful “Why Soylent” thread


Once in a long while, a reddit thread turns up pure gold. Take this for example;?”Who are you and why do you use Soylent?” That simple question has prompted a river of clear, positive answers. Below, I’ve tried to summarise some of the themes, but you should read the whole thread; it is full of human interest and drama!

Psychological eating disorders

  • Depression makes it difficult to eat. Soylent makes it easy.
  • I’m addicted to food. this is my only means of survival
  • Recovering from an ED which gives me an incredible amount of anxiety about food, so both soylent 2.0 and joylent have really helped me work on my binging and purging cycle while still staying nourished.

Physical eating disorders

  • I’m on medication that ruins my appetite, it’s really hard to motivate myself to cook/prep food when I’m not hungry. I eat Soylent because it’s so easy.
  • I’ve been struggling with for over four decades is an eating disorder called ARFID. I have found, in Soylent, a solution to the negative nutritional/health aspects of my eating disorder.
  • …a solution for my gastroparesis. It has helped my health so much.
  • I have some major digestive intolerances, namely gluten, dairy, and eggs. This eliminates a lot of foods and makes it hard for me to find an adequate source of calories. On Soylent, I have actually gained weight

Alternative to bad food in a demanding life

  • I work on an oil platform… lot of the food … is heavily oiled, seasoned, and just not appealing
  • I never have to think about what to bring to work for breakfast and lunch.
  • I absolutely hate cooking, so it makes my life so much easier while saving lots of time
  • I’m a full time graduate student and I needed a lunch option that did not come from a food cart.

Weight control, plus and minus

  • Dieting stresses me out and I always end up going off because counting calories… makes me have to think about food constantly… Soylent let’s me … know I’m getting nutrition and… I have no stress about food.
  • I have found that the consistent 800 calories for a soylent breakfast + lunch makes counting calories to lose weight a billion times easier.
  • I was underweight, and have gained ~10 pounds.


  • After jaw surgery I’ll be on a liquid-only diet for a month… Soylent has 100% of my nutraments (needed for healing), low salt (salt makes the swelling worse) and low glycemic index (sugar feeds mouth bacteria which can promote infection).

Saving money

  • Having soylent (usually three per day) saves me a lot of money. Otherwise I’d be spending $10 a day on lunch and eating larger dinners than I should.
  • It is cheaper than eating out on campus and healthier than mostly anything I can get

From a different thread

  • Three years ago I woke up unable to taste or smell- the name for it is anosmia. While I missed tasting food at first, my eating habits changed drastically. I simply do not get cravings for food the way other people do. I’ll often forget to eat for hours at a time, then start to feel sick. Then I’ll remember I haven’t eaten all damn day. Soylent has been a lifesaver in that regard. It’s quick and I can feel good about it.

If you have a story to tell about why you use a Future Food, please add it in a comment!

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