What is AMBRONITE? What does AMBRONITE mean? AMBRONITE meaning, definition & explanation - Eat Complete
May 17, 2017

What is AMBRONITE? What does AMBRONITE mean? AMBRONITE meaning, definition & explanation


What is AMBRONITE? What does AMBRONITE mean? AMBRONITE meaning – AMBRONITE pronunciation – AMBRONITE definition – AMBRONITE explanation – How to pronounce AMBRONITE?

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Ambronite is a nutritional drinkable meal replacement intended to supply all of a human body’s daily needs, made from 20 organic ingredients that includes berries, nuts, seeds and spinach. The product is a powder that is mixed with water to turn it into food. Ambronite’s name is based on the Greek word for “food of the Gods” Ambrosia.

Ambronite was created by five Finnish men with the intention of supplying all the nutrients necessary without the time and effort that usually goes into preparing food and is promoted as the world’s first organic drinkable meal. A commercial distribution of Ambronite was funded by a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo. It met its $50,000 funding goal after one week, and went on to raise over $100,000. The first shipments of the crowdfunded Ambronite version 1 started in early October 2014 and finished in December. In early 2015, Ambronite v2 was released that added oats for better water solubility to lessen clumping at the bottom of the glass, that is common in similar powder-mixed foods. In June 2015, v3 was released that added flaxseed and removed walnuts for an improved taste. In February 2016, v4 was released that sweetened the taste by adding more berries. In October 2016, v5 was released that sweetened the taste even more by adding additional berries and agave syrup.

One package of Ambronite contains about 500 calories and 30 grams of protein, as well as most of the vitamins plus 14 essential minerals while including fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids; the calorie ratio used is carbohydrates at 40 percent, fat at 36 percent and protein at 24 percent.

A Wired reviewer said that Ambronite version 5 tasted like an oatmeal slurpee that he prefers the taste of when comparing to Soylent; he praised the use of organic ingredients with no additives or preservatives but thought the product was priced too high; it was rated a 6/10.

A Gear Hungry reviewer praised Ambronite for having a preparation time of a couple of minutes and for feeling full for hours after drinking; he preferred Ambronite’s vegetable and fruit-like taste rather than the cookie dough-like taste of Soylent.

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