This week I went 100% Soylent (version 1.0) with only water, and nothing else!
Generally I was pretty impressed. It is a good solid (no pun intended) alternative for regular food, especially if you’re strapped for cash or need to eat in a jiffy. The formula gave me some indigestion, but this is reported to have been improved in later versions. I also experienced some interesting social effects: since I stopped eating in public places as often, I saw less people. As a result I felt a little anti-social, but I was saving myself time and money. I would definitely take Soylent again in the future, but only as a supplement to my existing diet.

+Cost effective (under $4 per meal)
+Convenient and quick
+Acceptable taste, and a perfect base for adding flavors to make it more milkshake-y!
+No unsafe weight loss (you’d probably see a greater effect for 1+ weeks). It would probably help you start/supplement a diet.

-Messy process to get the powder into the pitcher
-Easily dehydrated, if you’re not careful
-Really bad gas
-The smell of Soylent gets everywhere
-The oil forms a separate layer over time, so you have to re-shake. The oil component is completely removed in Version 1.4.

Read about Soylent here:
See nutrition facts here:

Kevin MacLeod
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Cheers, friends!

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