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Special thanks to Henry for letting me document his progress through the 31 day experiment. You can reach Henry at his YouTube channel: – and you can take a closer look at his blood work results on a reddit thread he started:
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August 1st, 2015; I decided to give up food. I quit eating solid food, and switched over to a totally liquid diet. I lost over fifty pounds in the first 90 days ? then started allowing myself one meal every four or five days. This new diet has brought me focus ? and a renewed drive for everything that really matters to me: creation.
I’m a writer, director, and consistent content creator. I’ve written my own screenplays, adaptations, novels, and comic books. I’ve done music videos, short films, and my first feature ? many of which are featured here on this channel. While I have a degree (BFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco) in acting (and a real love of it) ? I’ve found new drive in pursuing work behind the camera.
This channel has been a way for me to continue to share my new work, as well as the journey along the path as I try to live a life after food.

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