Ample is a full meal in a bottle made from premium, real-food ingredients. It?s packed with complete protein, healthy fats, fiber, probiotics, and organic greens.

Available starting mid-July, Ample V is an upgrade from our previous vegetarian-friendly version (Ample X) and is vegan and lactose-free. It does not contain GMOs, excessive sugar, processed carbs, soy, gluten, or artificial additives.

Ample V has a rich, creamy texture, nutty flavor, with just a hint of cocoa and cinnamon.

We stand by a taste and quality guarantee.

  • Convenient and portable, requiring only 20 seconds of preparation
  • Fiber, prebiotics, probiotics, and a greens blend for better absorption of nutrients
  • Scientifically-valid, with natural ingredients from the best quality sources
  • Free of any artificial junk, added sweeteners, GMOs, gluten or soy
  • Great-tasting, with a savoury, nutty flavour, and subtle natural sweetness

Available in 400kcal and 600kcal servings. Data below based on 400kcal.

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