Whether you want more time out of the supermarket and more time doing what you love, to feel better about what you’re putting into your body or to simply spend less on food, eating well shouldn’t be hard.

These pre-mixed bottles are ready when you are ? perfect for when you?re on the go.

With a pleasing, light taste, vanilla is anything but. Our bottles don?t require refrigeration and have a 12-month shelf life.

Each?ready-to-drink supermeal contains:

  • 2150 kJ (513 calories)
  • 26.7g protein
  • omegas 3?+ 6
  • 26 vitamins +?minerals
  • Long life, gluten free, vegan + dairy free
  • 1 bottle = 1 meal

The ready to drink is long life and ready to go when you are, or take the powder with you and simply shake up with water. One bottle = one meal or 1 pouch of powder = 4 meals!

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