Aussielent Powder is a nutritionally complete powder meal replacement shake made in Australia by Aussielent. Shipping is available throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Meal sizes are typically 515 Kcal with a suggested serving size of 130g powder with 500ml Water and provide 11.9g fat, 30.1g protein and 68.6g carbohydrates, with 6.7g fibre.

Experience the vanilla that’s anything but. With all the vitamins and minerals your body needs and next to no sugar, it’s no wonder we call it a ‘supermeal’. Just add water, shake and be on your way.

Each aussie supermeal contains:
• 2160 kJ (515 calories)
• A whopping 30g of protein
• 26 vitamins + minerals
• Omegas 3 + 6
• Rich in fibre
• Vegetarian, low in sugar