Aussielent is a low fuss, low-cost, drinkable supermeal. We created aussielent because we believe that eating well shouldn?t be hard, or hurt your hip pocket. We use the Australian nutritional references ( as our standard and every meal contains:

  • OMEGA 3 & OMEGA 6, building blocks for healthy cells
  • 25 to 30g of PROTEIN, essential for creating lean muscle mass
  • LOW GI carbohydrates, for sustained energy release
  • a healthy dose of FIBRE, for digestive health

aussielent is cheap, portable, healthy, and ready to eat in under a minute. Our meals come either as a powder which you can take with you and simply shake up with water when you?re ready to eat, or pre-mixed in a bottle. One bottle = one meal or 1 pouch of powder = 4 meals!

We think it?s crucial for a sustainable future to minimise waste and find the most mindful and efficient way of doing things. The production, transport and storage of aussielent is streamlined, saving time and energy, and because you only measure out what you need, food waste is dramatically reduced.

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