Ovidia Food Srl: Bivo

Ovidia Food Srl: Bivo

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Bivo is a nutritionally complete meal replacement shake made in Italy by Ovidia Food Srl. Shipping is available throughout Europe. Read on


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Bivo is a nutritionally complete powdered meal replacement shake made in Italy by Ovidia Food Srl. Shipping is available throughout Europe.

Meal sizes are typically 440Kcal with a suggested serving size of 114g powder with 500ml water and provide 10.9g fat, 18.4g protein and 57.5g carbohydrates, with 20.9g fibre.

When it comes to taste; Bivo is available as , , , .

Bivo is complete food which provides to your organism the nutritional balance of the mediterranean diet.

Bivo is the first Made in Italy complete food, ready in 30 seconds and available in 4 great flavours.

Bivo does not replace your diet, but it is the ideal alternative when you need to feed in a quick, complete, and healthy way, without sacrificing taste.

Bivo is the favourite food of outdoor enthusiasts (and not just them) because in any situation provides the energy and hydration that your body needs.

Bivo contains about 440 calories, which means one fifth of the recommended calories for the normal daily activity of an adult. 

Bivo is ideal in any moment of the day and can be consumed at breakfast, at lunch, or at dinner, or in any different occasion when you need energy in a healthy, balanced and tasty way, avoiding the traditional quick and unhealthy food.

Bivo’s nutrients are spilt according to the proportion of the typical mediterranean diet. The caloric content of Bivo is given for the 52% by carbohydrates, for the 17% by protein, for the 22% by fats and for the 9% by fibers. In addition Bivo contains also all the vitamins and mineral salts which your body needs.

Bivo has a complete amino acid profile. Combining cereals and legumes, despite being a totally vegan food, Bivo contains all the amino acids, including the 8 essential amino acids.

Bivo does not contain any sweetener, and it is a product with no added sugar. Bivo does not contain any food preservative.

All the ingredients in Bivo are of plant origin. Therefore Bivo is designed to be suitable also for the people following a vegan diet.

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Average Score: 8.83/10 after 7 reviews

"Best Health and Quality Profile for Complete Food"
October 5, 2021 @ 14:21

I have consumed Complete Food for quite some time now. I started with the major European brands, until I landed on BIVIO.
The main strength of BIVIO is the quality profile of the ingredients and the healthy balance of the mix. I am aware that every complete food brands out there tends to emphasize these credentials, but if you compare labels you will notice that not all complete food are born equal and BIVIO is really top of the league.

The texture is smooth and it mixes very easily, most of the complete food do, to be fair, but BIVIO has the best quality shaker that I have ever received. It is nice and sturdy, it closes very well and it comes with wire metal ball that makes the mixing very quick and easy, with no need to purchase a separate professional bottle for that.

All the flavours tend to be very ‘natural’ (no sweetener, no added sugar, no added salt) and might require a little adjustment (very much like when I got rid of sugar and salt from my ‘traditional’ food). I got used to them fairly quickly, though, and I find them distinctive and pleasant, now.

"best nutritional balance of all complete foods - with improved taste"
December 6, 2020 @ 09:07

This is possibly my single favourite complete food powder. Its main strength is the nutritional balance following the proportions of the mediterranean diet with low fat and high fiber. The texture is very smooth and the taste is quite characteristic and pleasant. If you eat complete foods to maintain a healthy diet, this should be your first choice.

The only problems of the 2.0 version were the presence of maltodextrin and the lack of some popular flavours like chocolate (although it comes in many interesting flavours); these issues have been solved with the new 3.0 version, with new or improved flavours and the removal of maltodextrin. The most recent version also fills you up more (there is a bit more protein and less sugar) and is cheaper and buyable in multiportion bags. I’m not too happy that there is slightly less fiber but it will make those customers worried about too much fiber happy.

I eat Bivo whenever I am not super hungry and I know I will eat another meal no longer than in 4-5 hours – it doesn’t fill you up like Huel Black Edition or YFood but it takes care of your health better than most other complete foods in my view.

"Extremely high in fiber"
October 9, 2020 @ 11:42

Going into this I read up on the nutritional profile on Bivo and was quite impressed. The macro ratios are very healthy and they use no preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Even so, they use maltodextrin which has been proven to have even higher GI than refined sugar, and because it is essentially void of any nutrients the difference is negligible. My gut flora is no stranger to fiber. I regularly supplement my Plenny Shakes with fiber to firm up my stools and I clock in at around 40-45g a day. Bivo Oatmeal however has 20g of fiber per serving, which makes for about 104g of fiber every day. I noticed this too late after I’d gulped down four servings of Bivo Oatmeal. My GI tract really didn’t like that. Suffice to say it’s been thoroughly cleansed, and 24 hours later I still have to sporadically run to the toilet. I believe there is such a thing as too much fiber, and that it’s unhealthy in the long run. Bivo also follows the outdated GDA label which has much lower amounts than the DRI. Just put 5 servings of Bivo in Cronometer and you can see how many nutrients are lacking. 91% B1, 16% B3, 50% Folate, 88% Vitamin C, 33% Vitamin D, 79% Vitamin E, 62% Vitamin K, 80% Calcium, 84% Iron (vegans need 2x the amount of iron), 86% Manganese, 52% Potassium, 40% Sodium (based on 200mg a day), and 60% Zinc (based on 16mg a day). There is also no mention of Omega-3 and 6, which is quite strange. Add to this they also use coconut fat which has bad saturated fats I would not recommend this product for health reasons.

"Best nutritional balance by far"
August 28, 2020 @ 15:37

BIVO has the best balance by far, in my opinion. It follows the Mediterranean diet, which has a little less Fats and Proteins than average complete foods, but is richer in Carbs and Fibers. Fibers are so important and so underestimated in other compl. meals!
Texture is not so smooth (you probably feel the fibers in your mouth).
Flavour unfortunately is not very good. I mean, it is not bad neither: you could say it is very neutral. Does not really have a taste, but this is better than strong artificial flavours.
Anyway, i buy it because it has the healthiest mix, not for its taste.

"The Italian answer to XXI century meal"
December 25, 2017 @ 12:12

"Good quality for a healthy meal"
July 24, 2017 @ 08:51

This made in Italy meal is healthy and tastes good. Easy to mixed and no digestion problems.

"Easy lunch"
July 24, 2017 @ 08:16

I drink it in my lunch break and it gives me energy until evening with zero digestion problems.

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