Futricio ONE ® is prepared with soy, maltodextrin, gluten-free oatmeal, whey protein, flaxseed, salt, vitamin mix and natural fruit aromas.

A complete meal in a shake.

You need a complete meal shake because sometimes you…

  • just don’t feel like spending time in your kitchen preparing something healthy
  • are in a crazy hurry longing for a decent meal
  • are travelling and you didn’t bring your mobile kitchen with fresh veggies
  • are heading off to the gym preparing yourself for an intense workout
  • just love Futricio Meal Shakes

You can use the meal shakes in your diet as…

  • replacement of one or more of your daily meals
  • an easy digestible power meal to prepare for heavy or long workout
  • an easy and transparant way of keeping track of what you are eating
  • Tip: a lot of our customers start using our shakes as the ideal breakfast to start their days

You can choose from..

five different flavours: vanilla, banana, forest fruits, strawberry and chocolate. We are sure that you can always find one that suits your taste. It comes in two different versions, Futricio ONE for Men and Futricio ONE for Women. The difference is that each version is tailored to meet the needs of either the average male or female (adult).

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