Huel Gluten Free is a nutritionally complete powder meal replacement shake made in the UK by Huel. Shipping is available internationally.

Meal sizes are typically 400 Kcal with a suggested serving size of 100g powder with 400ml Water and provide 13g fat, 30g protein and 37g carbohydrates, with 7.7g fibre.

Huel (Gluten Free) is a nutritionally complete low FODMAP meal replacement. It’s been formulated by a renowned nutrition expert to include the perfect balance of carbs, fat and protein and all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. You can replace all your food with Huel, but most will only replace one or two of their meals. It’s made from real food (Gluten Free Oats, Rice, Pea, Flaxseed, Sunflower and MCTs from Coconut) which has been turned into a powder for convenience. The result is a surprisingly cheap, time saving, environmentally friendly, simple, and humane (100% vegan) food.

Nutritious food is vital for a happy, healthy life, but we are all leading increasingly busy lives. So what we need is a meal that is both nutritionally complete and convenient. A food that has just the right amount of protein, essential fats, fibre, carbohydrates, and all 26 essential vitamins & minerals. Huel Powder is all this and much more. It’s vegan, lactose-free, soya-free, GMO-free, high in protein and contains less than 2% sugar.