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Grubsub is a nutritionally complete meal replacement shake made in the USA by Grubsub. Shipping is available throughout the USA. Read on


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Grubsub is a nutritionally complete powdered meal replacement shake made in the USA by Grubsub. Shipping is available throughout the USA.

Meal sizes are typically 500Kcal with a suggested serving size of 118g powder with 560ml water and provide 16.9g fat, 26g protein and 52.4g carbohydrates, with 8.6g fibre.

When it comes to taste; Grubsub is available as .

GrubSub is a nutrient filled, fast prepared, custom-made MEAL in a bag. If you feel you aren’t reaching your daily requirement of nutrients and are looking for a new product that helps mix things up, then this is the product for you. Each meal has 500 calories and 25% of your daily nutritional requirements per meal. Just add your choice of liquid and your favourite fruits to customise the flavour profile of this neutral tasting powder.

GrubSub is a great way to experiment with your food and try new combinations that make you crave nutrition. Break away from the fads and trends and make GrubSub part of your life, not your diet. Consumers today are exposed to dietary trends and faux dietary restrictions. The idea behind GrubSub is to encourage consumers to take initiative and question the foods they eat.

Whether you’re on the go, at home or at work; GrubSub can be easily prepared. Mix it with water, milk, juices, fruits, honey or more of your favorite health supplements, just make sure that when it’s done, you’ll want what you need.

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Average Score: 7.5/10 after 2 reviews

"Filling serving"
December 24, 2016 @ 21:49

I was able to get a free sample from them at an event in SoCal. Texture was nice, soy was a little much, but not too overwhelming for me. Kept me satisfied for approximately 3.5 hours with no gassy side effects. No bad aftertaste, like many other powders and it was easily mixed with water and ice.

"Mixed well."
December 6, 2016 @ 17:48

Grubsub was giving out samples of this earlier this year but you did have to pay the 4 dollars shipping for it. This was only a single meal, I prepared it just as I made my own DIY at the time. I assume it is just me but I did not care for the Soy Protein it overwhelmed the flavor for this and I could not drink more than a few sips. I think they have changed up the recipe since then and I would be willing to try it again.

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