Huel Ready to Drink is a nutritionally complete ready to drink meal replacement shake made in the UK by Huel. Shipping is available internationally.

Meal sizes are typically 400 Kcal with a suggested serving size of 500ml and provide 18.6g fat, 20g protein and 33.9g carbohydrates, with 5.7g fibre.

A delicious, complete, and affordable meal in a handy bottle, containing all 26 essential vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, protein, fat, fibre and phytonutrients. Perfect when time is short or you’re away from the kitchen. Dispatched by 28th December.

Complete nutrition
Huel contains all 26 essential vitamins and minerals, and much more.

Save time
Nutrition in seconds, a complete meal straight out of the bottle.

Save money
Great value. Subscribe to save!

Huel contains no animal products, with minimal environmental impact.