Ketolent is ketogenic nutrition without compromise: a fast, easy, and delicious nutritional base for all who keto or watch their carbs. Optimize nutrition at home, work, or anywhere. Travel and explore with complete freedom.? Reach your diet and nutrition goals in any situation. Go anywhere. Do anything.??

Ketolent has improved in the following ways…

  • A cleaner oil blend (no more canola or sunflower oil)
  • Cleaner vitamins and minerals (no more corn starch)
  • Cleaner tasting vitamin blend with high bio-availability
  • A more diverse set of fiber for optimal gut health and digestion
  • More convenient packaging (one package contains?30 meals, with one liter of oil, 1 large scoop and one small scoop for respective shake components)
  • Free Ketolent Blender Bottle with first order
  • Now soy free
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