Lembas is designed to be low-GI. Maltodextrin gives you an immediate energy boost and slow-release oat flour keeps your energy level up so there’s no post-meal crash. Our professional R&D team has ensured that every serving has the precise nutritional profile your body needs per serving.

We will inspire people to find fulfilment through their work and social impact, and happiness through their passions. We love to celebrate human achievement and kindness, and aim to reduce world hunger by donate as many meals as we can to the poor and hungry in developing countries.

Each Lembas pack contains a full day’s nutrients, designed to be consumed in 4 servings. Each serving is 6 heaped tablespoons of Lembas into 2 cups of water, which you can mix in a shaker bottle or simply stir in a cup – it’s super dispersible.

You can also mix up an entire bag of Lembas to bring around in a pitcher as you go about your day. Lembas is meant to give you freedom so drink it however you like!

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