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Powder Your smart food choice; Lently is a powdered meal that provides you with all the minerals, vitamins, fats, fibres, carbohydrates and proteins you need in less than 2 minutes. Vegetarian friendly, natural flavours and real fruits. Get everything you need, wherever you are, whenever you want. Lently is about convenience, saving time, affordable healthy food and being able to stay energised with little to no effort. Based on science and technology. It's all vegetarian. containing all the nutrients you need.…


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100 Kcal €0.39
400 Kcal €1.58
2000 Kcal €7.88
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Lently is a nutritionally complete powdered meal replacement shake made in The Netherlands by Lently. Shipping is available internationally.

Meal sizes are typically 500Kcal with a suggested serving size of 133g powder with 300ml water and provide 9.5g fat, 34g protein and 63.84g carbohydrates, with 10.7g fibre.

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"Good but not perfect product"
April 23, 2018 @ 17:40

The taste is very good and natural. I really like it!

The texture is grainy, but not unpleasant either. It mixes well and does not form any lumps at all. What I don’t like is that there are some particles that are sometimes larger than others, as if they had not been ground well.

It’s a pretty expensive brand but it uses expensive ingredients too, such as whey protein, coconut flour, etc.

What I like least is the presence of a good amount of sugar.

"Good, but not great."
August 22, 2017 @ 21:08

Flavor is very good but can get diluted with the proportion of water/powder (that by the way is wrong in the welcome instructions), as well as well as the texture that can get too thin. Aftertaste is either non-existing or pleasant. Easy to mix and good mixer even though it is opaque (very stupid because it’s hard to use the volume measurements).A serving mostly fills you up, but it’s smaller than in other products (4/day vs 3/day usually). One particular downside is only having half a kg bags vs having individual meal ones. On the plus side, it is more biased towards proteins than carbo and fat as others that aim for perfect 100% daily intake values. Good value specially in the tasting pack, then it’s on par with others.

"No maltodextrin"
July 16, 2017 @ 17:37

Super quick and convenient way to get nutrition on the go when I’d otherwise have to get a burger or something. Flavour is really nice, fairly real tasting and not too sweet. 300ml makes for quite a thick shake, too thick for me, so I add closer to 500ml and it’s perfect. Water in, powder in, bit more water, shake shake shake and drink – I have noticed it’ll settle a little if left for a while and gets a bit silty, but a quick shake resolves that and with 500ml I’m really enjoying it and feel well satiated after each meal.

And it’s cheap, which is awesome, but doesn’t rely on cheap ingredients, which is even more awesome. Will drink again.

"Top marks and I don't care."
July 15, 2017 @ 20:18

I’m giving this almost top marks across the board because it’s just superb.

Of all the EU lents I’ve tried, this is it for me. The flavours are subtle and sublime, the texture is smooth but still textured enough to be interesting, mixing is easy, shipping is ridiculously quick, the new bags are fantastic and the shaker is bad ass.

December 19, 2016 @ 18:24

Pretty cheap Brand
Taste is OK
Nice to have a Wake up Option
Single meal packaging is good
Fast shipping from the Netherlands

"Great taste"
December 19, 2016 @ 14:35

To start with:Taste is great! Started with the whole lent food based on the extremely positive experience I had with Stoner Shake. Nice Strong but natural taste. One (the only?) shake that HAS a taste without using maltodextrin. First shipment was to try, now ordering in bulk. The team is extremely pleasant to talk to and deal with with and is very flexible, the shipping is expedite and reliable. Really hoping for the company to grow and introduce ever more amazing flavors. The strawberry and banana are my favorites,love the wake up cappuccino with caffeine and extra protein as a breakfast shake. Easily digestible,doesn’t leave one fatigued and perfect before doing some sports. Highly recommended!

"Quality ingredients, natural flavors"
November 28, 2016 @ 17:45

Honestly the best *lent I’ve had so far.

During my search for a European *lent-alternative, I stumbled upon this hidden gem. Contrary to the name (and the fact that this actually comes from the Netherlands), the product does not contain any psychoactive substances. The ingredient list, however, offers far more than most *lents I’ve used so far.

The base of this for all flavors is oats, whey protein, rice flour and sunflower/chia seeds. This is then combined with freeze dried fruit powder (or coffee) and the usual vitamin mix. However, it does not stop there. StonerShake have included a list of plant-extracts, digestive enzymes and probiotics as well. And this, much to my surprise, without affecting the taste.

Getting on to the taste – this is what still makes me drink this regularly. Because fruit powders are used to flavor this, the flavor is really what you would expect when reading banana or strawberry on the package. The natural flavoring is not as strong as most artificial alternatives but has a very pleasant mouth-feel. This makes it easy to drink half a liter of this *lent without struggling.
Only downside here is that it contains quite some sugar (cane sugar, but sugar nonetheless). Texture is great if you just use a shaker, mixability is also very good. If you use a blender, it somehow ruins the taste a bit – I guess this is due to the seeds being crushed. I personally find the gritty texture to be a more pleasant eating experience, anyway.

Leaving it in the fridge overnight also makes for an incredibly chewy texture.

Pricing is quite fair – if you order in bulk, you’ll end up with ~2.00? per meal. Shipping costs to Germany were somewhat pricey (11?) but bearable as my later orders grew bigger and bigger.

Packaging is OK. If you order sample packs, you get one serving per bag. Otherwise, it’s a 1-day bag containing four servings, each 125g of powder. Your best option is to use a scale for this. I usually just divide a bag into four different shakers and prepare them as needed. Bags are resealable, however, so there is no rush.

The people behind StonerShake have been incredibly kind as well. One of the parcels got lost on the way and was recovered in no time. Also, any questions I had in terms of nutrition and ingredients were answered within mere hours.

If you are looking for a tasty, healthy and somewhat reasonable-priced *lent in Europe, don’t get distracted by the name, just give this a try. This is what I’ve been recommending any friends that wanted to try a *lent and so far none of them have been disappointed. Some of them use it regularly (like me), some just use it as a pre- or post-workout shake or when there is no time to cook dinner.

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