Whether as a lunch, as a snack, after a sport or during a long mountain tour – Mahlzeit means you are well supplied!

Our food powder “meal Cacao” does not taste like the typical milk chocolate, but awakens childhood memories of a delicious hot cacao. Not too sweet and not too dry! Just right for your meal, between or after the sport.

Our dietary powder is designed to help you determine the amount of protein or calories. Because your body does not need the same every day.

With milk – a shake for the full meal
with water – a shake for an intermediate meal and the calorie-conscious diet
with coffee – creates a shake for the energy boost

And so meal is as flexible as your life!

Meal has been specially developed by a well-known nutritionist to make it possible for you to look for a balanced diet even on stressful days. This allows you to leave fast food stores safely left, save time and still have the best possible care for your body.

The protein shake meal contains as protein source both casein and whey protein . The rapid metabolism of whey protein will satisfy your acute hunger, while the slow casein will provide a long-lasting supply of energy. In combination with a balanced content of carbohydrates and fiber from pure linseed , a long saturation without fullness is achieved! At the same time your body gets the important omega-3 fatty acids through the linseed . The ingenious vitamin and mineral composition ensures that you are supplied with everything important.

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