Mana Powder | Mark 6 is a nutritionally complete powder meal replacement shake made in the Czech Republic by Heaven Labs. Shipping is available internationally.

Meal sizes are typically 400 Kcal with a suggested serving size of 86g powder with 400ml water and provide 19g fat, 21g protein and 33g carbohydrates, with 7g fibre.

Mana™ is nutritionally complete food; a Plant-based, high-protein drink powder fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Yet Mana is more than just a food. It is a road sign to the future of food, a culmination of cutting-edge technology and research. Over the last 6 years, we have carefully designed it to be nutritionally complete, ecologically sustainable, and very, very tasty. In the short term, it saves us time and fills us up, but in the long term, it is an investment in the health of our planet and future generations

A delicious, all-in-one meal that can be eaten anywhere in seconds.