MealSquares is a nutritionally complete Ready to Eat meal replacement made in the USA by MealSquares. Shipping is available throughout the USA.

Meal sizes are typically 400 Kcal with a suggested serving size of 120g and provide 20g fat, 20g protein and 36g carbohydrates, with 5.5g fibre.

A MealSquare is a whole-foods based nutritionally complete meal. More protein per calorie than a Big Mac, less sugar than a banana. The energy bar has grown up.

Each 400 calorie MealSquare is about the size of 2 ordinary protein bars, but nutritionally complete and made out of whole foods, including 5 different fruits & vegetables.

Most orders ship within 2 weeks. Shipping is free. US orders only, sorry.

MealSquares contain no artificial preservatives. To maximise shelf life, MealSquares should be refrigerated once they arrive. Refrigerated shelf life is 2 months.