Real food in a different shape.

Nutberg is a natural drinkable meal, which keeps you fueled & adventurous.
One meal contains: 29g protein, 43g carbohydrate, 25g healthy fat.

Instant meal made only from tasty real-food ingredients. Nutberg takes just a minute to prepare and replaces a standard meal – it contains all the essential nutrients, including vitamins and minerals.

Easy-to-use packaging

One 110 g packet of Nutberg is equivalent to one meal. Wherever you are, you can prepare the drink in just a minute. Nutberg saves you time and provides high-quality nutrients in any situation – no matter if it is during your busy work-days or wild adventures.

Supremely nutritious

One drink conveniently replaces a standard lunch. It contains 29 g of protein, 43 g of carbohydrate, 25 g of healthy fat and also a quarter of your daily vitamin and mineral requirements.

Real-food ingredients

Nutberg doesn’t contain synthetic substances, GMOs, preservatives, added sugar or any other additives. All ingredients are natural.

Natural nutty flavor

Nutberg is not an over-sweetened drink with an artificial flavour – the taste is neutral and resembles oatmeal with nuts. You will not easily get tired of such a taste and it allows you to use Nutberg in many different ways – such as adding it to a smoothie or in pancakes.

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