High in fats – the good kind, of course – and low in carbohydrates, this meal replacement shake helps make eating Keto easy.

Cut carbs and eat healthy fats

A super convenient way to eat Keto. We know modern living makes carbs convenient and often hard to avoid, particularly when youre in a hurry. The Keto diet involves the heavy restriction of Carbs (20g-50g per day depending on the style you follow), and that makes Keto challenging. We’ve developed a blend of nutrients that is specially tailored to suit a high-fat, low-carb keto plan, to help you keep your body burn fat (rather than carbs) for energy

Oh, and we’ve made it vegan- and planet-friendly too.

our keto meal can help with…

Insulin Sensitivity, Weight Loss, Increased Satiety, Healthy Skin.