The ideal high protein, low carb meal replacement shake. Natural, plant-based, and perfect for Paleo and Pegan eaters… no hunting or gathering required!

n?ut Paleo – high in planet-friendly plant protein, low in carbohydrates
We?re definitely on-board with protein-rich and low carb eating styles, and like you we want our food processed as little as possible. Paleo makes a lot of sense to us.

Unlike traditional Paleo meals, our blends contain only plant-based ingredients. n?ut provides the right macronutrients, from a sustainable and cruelty free source, to suit both Paleo and Paleo-Vegan (Pegan) eating.

Our Paleo Meal is perfect for those who enjoy higher protein, lower carb, natural meals – without having to hunt or gather a single thing!

our paleo blend can help with…

Insulin Senstivity, Weight Loss, Long Term Health, Healthy Gut

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