Powder Matter: Meal Bar

Powder Matter: Meal Bar

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Meal Bar is a Ready to Eat meal replacement made in The Netherlands by Powder Matter. Shipping is available internationally. Read on


100 Kcal €0.75
400 Kcal €3.01
2000 Kcal €15.04
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Meal Bar is a nutritionally complete Ready to Eat meal replacement made in The Netherlands by Powder Matter. Shipping is available internationally.

Meal sizes are typically 399Kcal with a suggested serving size of 100g and provide 15.7g fat, 21g protein and 40g carbohydrates, with 7g fibre.

When it comes to taste; Meal Bar is available as , .

Like in our other product lines, we took a different approach to formulating a much desired product without compromising our priorities.

We present you a dates and tahini based meal bar. 400 kcal in 100 gram, packaged per meal / bar. The bars are breakable into parts of 50 kcal each.

The only processed ingredients are as usual our vegan blend vitamin-mineral mix and our concentrated protein source. The other ingredients are like in the pictures: real parts and bits of nature.

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Average Score: 10.08/10 after 3 reviews

"Really good bars, genuine & satiating"
May 16, 2020 @ 16:18

I tried the bars as soon as they were on the market, and I must say they’re excellent: they have a raw, genuine feel that is often missing in more industrial products. Also 2 of the 3 flavors were excellent: Cinnamon is absolutely the best (with some zingy orange peels inside, wonderful) and I was surprised from the plant-based variant, more neutral but very good. Coconut is also good, but you have to like coconut. One bar is really satiating and goes well for lunch at work, I usually ate them with a fruit after the bar and was satiated for the whole afternoon. Price can seem high but it’s just right considering the quality of the product and the natural ingredients.

Dominik Schulze
"Delicious Meal Bars "
January 30, 2020 @ 10:53

I have tested the Whey based Meal Bars and I am very fond of them.
The taste is not too sweet despite the dates, you can taste that mainly natural unprocessed ingredients were used and the bars have a great consistency when chewed.
Definitely practical is that you can break the bars into small 50kcal pieces. This makes them even easier to consume.
In terms of price, the bars are not in the lowest price range on the market, unlike the powder. But if you compare calories/€ and consider the ingredients in the bar, they are fairly priced.
All in all definitely worth a test, especially for PowderMatter beginners.

Habe bisher die Meal Bars auf Whey Basis getestet und bin sehr angetan von diesen.
Geschmacklich trotz der Datteln nicht zu süß, man schmeckt das hier hauptsächlich natürliche unverarbeitete Zutaten verwendet wurden und dazu besitzen die Bars eine super Konsistenz beim kauen.
Definitiv praktisch ist das man die Bars in kleine 50kcal Stücke brechen kann. Das macht das konsumieren um so einfacher.
Preislich bewegen sich die Bars im Gegensatz zum Pulver nicht auf dem niedrigsten Preissegment auf dem Markt. Zieht aber einen Kalorien/€ Vergleich heran und bedenkt was für Zutaten in der Bar stecken, sind sie fair bepreist.
Insgesamt definitiv einen Test wert, insbesondere für PowderMatter Einsteiger.

"Best quality bar on the market"
January 29, 2020 @ 14:33

I use this bar as a snack in the afternoon : it tastes real ingredients, the filling is great and calming, there is enough proteins to be used after a sport session to get some energy back and most of all : there is absolutely no bad ingredients like added sugar or fillers.

The bar is 400kCal divided in 8 blocks so you know exactly the amount of calories you eat.

It’s the best product on the market so far, and the guy who runs the company is dedicated to customer satisfaction as a human being, not as a customer service trying to sound friendly way 😉

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