Powder Matter is a complete meal replacement in a bag. It consists of premixed powders that has to be mixed with water or milk into a meal-shake. This shake can be consumed as a meal.

Powder Matter contains all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Every bag contains 170 gram of powder that consists of the following: oatmeal, soy flour, maltodextrin, whey protein concentrate, vitamin-mineral-powder-mix, product specific aroma and sucralose.

These ingredients in one bag add up to an energy amount of 677 kCalories. This corresponds exactly to one-third of the daily requirements for an adult. All the vitamins and minerals that are necessary are accounted for. There is also 41 grams of proteins included, mostly coming from high quality whey protein concentrate in this same bag of meal.

All the used ingredients are G.M.O. free. None of our ingredients contain gluten, including the oatmeal and soymeal we use (both certified gluten free). This makes our product? suitable for people with gluten hypersensitivity.