Powder Matter: Original

Powder Matter: Original

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Original is a nutritionally complete meal replacement shake made in The Netherlands by Powder Matter. Shipping is available internationally. Read on


100 Kcal €0.28
400 Kcal €1.10
2000 Kcal €5.50
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Original is a nutritionally complete powdered meal replacement shake made in The Netherlands by Powder Matter. Shipping is available internationally.

Meal sizes are typically 400Kcal with a suggested serving size of 100g powder with 400ml water and provide 13.9g fat, 30g protein and 36.6g carbohydrates, with 8g fibre.

When it comes to taste; Original is available as , , , , , , .

Powder Matter produces nutritionally complete, energetically balanced & varied meal replacements for convenience at an affordable price. More affordable than most others at least?

Version 2.0 of the powdered formula has a carbohydrate base that consists of the ‘super-seeds’ buckwheat, quinoa and amaranth, all coming from functional Dutch windmills, where organically produced seeds and grains are processed into certified organic meals. These super-seeds and grain provide 10 gram of the proteins in a single meal of 400 kcals of this powdered mix. The remaining 20 gram comes from soy protein isolate.

In version 2.0 Maltodextrin is eliminated as a main carbohydrate source and the carbohydrates are complex carbohydrates which give you a sustaining satiety and minimal fluctuations in your blood glucose levels.

Not a single molecule of glucose or fructose was added. The vanilla vegan mix contains 0.8 gram sugar per 400 kcal meal, coming mainly from buckwheat.

Each meal of 400 kcal contains 30 gram protein which makes it high in proteins. Also 8-9 gram/meal of fibers makes it a high fiber source.

Powder Matter products are formulated according to current scientific evidence provided and suggested by the EFSA. No single dietician or food expert decides what ingredients we use, or how we use it in our products.

Vitamins & Minerals

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Average Score: 9.4/10 after 7 reviews

June 27, 2020 @ 15:01

Nutritionally, the best meal replacement out there for an incredibly good price. The Vegan Chocolate v2.5 tastes heavenly, the Vegan Vanilla v2.5 was a bit strange at first but I quickly got used to it and I actually like it. I appreciate the thick and smooth consistency, without clods. I drink 600 kcal portions for lunch, which keeps me satiated for 4 hours without any bloating, which was my problem with a previously used product, MANA.
I cannot mention any disadvantage. The whole ordering process was smooth and fast, and I even got some meal bars as a present!

"(French Review) Meilleur Poudre Qualité/Prix"
November 17, 2019 @ 15:12

*I write this review in french cuz my english is very bad. sorry for all the users*

Donc je viens ici donnez mon jugements sur Powder Matter aprés 10 jours de consommation.

Je vais d’abord vous indiquez les raisons pour lesquels j’ai choisis Powder Matter Par rapport au autres Substitut de Repas.

N’ayant pas le temps de manger / Flemme de préparer un repas équilibré Je m’orienté souvent vers la solution de facilité (Fastfood, Ubereat , deliveroo , justeat …) quand je me suis rendu compte que je ne rentré plus dans mon pantalon préférée, j’ai pris une décision radicale.
Reprendre une Alimentation équilibre !
En utilisant le comparateur du site je me suis rendu compte que Powder Matter était au Top sur de nombreux critère :

1) Prix / calories
2) Le Ratio de protéine
3) Beaucoup de Fibres
4) Pas de Lactose (important pour moi !)
5) Pas de sucre ajouté
6)*Bonus* Le service clients ! ( Aprés la commande je fut agréablement surpris du suivis/conseils prodigués !)

Donc je me décide a commander et reçois mon colis + quelques extra portion de Saveurs différentes .
– Ma commande Original
– 1 portion de NutMania
– 5 portion de Neutral (pas encore testé)

Je commence la dégustation par la portion de Nutmania.
Conclusion c’est ma saveur favorite.
Le mélange des différentes noix, l’odeur, la texture,bonne dilution dans le shaker, rien a dire.
En ce qui concerne la satiété, aprés avoir ingéré le shaker moi qui suit un trés gros mangeur d’habitude, J’avais la sensation d’avoir mangé un bon repas sans le contrecoup du coup de barre d’aprés repas (cela n’arrive peut être qu’a moi ^^),Et remplie d’energie pour reprendre le Boulot !

Ensuite dégustation de la saveur Original.
Conclusion un gout salé pas désagréable en bouche , une bonne texture, bonne dilution dans le shaker.
Au niveau de la satiété, les même sensation que pour la Nutmania !
Pas de problème pour l’ingéré, La Preuve en est que cela fait 9 jours sans interruption que je consomme sa Matin/Midi/soir.
Le Truc genial c’est que je n’ai plus cette sensation de faim entre les repas ni de coup de barres aprés les repas, mes shaker sont préparés et avalés en 10 min chrono, un gain de temps énorme dans la journée !

Donc pour conclure Cela fait 10 jours que je consomme Powder Matter et je ne compte plus m’en passer a l’avenir!

"Best utility choice"
November 16, 2019 @ 17:10

Facts that I know about PowderMatter from personal experience (3 months solely on it and still counting):

1. As of 16.11.19, you can get the price of 1.1 Euro per 400Kcal if you order 16+ packages.

2. The man behind this company really cares about the customers.
Personal support, beta-testing opportunities, plans explanations.
Imagine getting a fully-personalized 400-words-long email asking if everything is cool about the purchase and the product.
Feels like a talk with a friend. And it happens not once or twice.
To be honest, I don’t know how he is able to keep up with it and I’m really concerned about the possibility of burnout, but this level of customer support is awesome.

3. The company progresses.
New flavors, new formulas, new products.
If you are interested, he sends small testing packages to the customers to get their feedback on new versions. You can even ask for a custom version.

Overall, if your key criteria are price and support, PowderMatter is definitely one of the best choices on the market, if not the best.

"Still my favorite - clean - brand."
June 2, 2019 @ 10:21

The quality of this product might look like not ??not as good as?? the Nuts Mania one but it’s still much better than most of the mainstream products (no maltodextrine, isomaltulose and other sugars).

The carbs mix looks like a regular diet (bukweat, oats, amaranth, quinoa etc, most of them organic) ; who would eat oats 365 days a year ?

The protein comes from soy, which will help some of us maintain a social life that would be otherwise annihilated by the end of the digestion process of the pea protein. Yes, we know you?re concerned 😉

With 30g of proteins / 400kCal, it’s a very healthy choice.

Powder Matter is a health choice anyway and you can healthy chat with the owner.

"A tasty way of keeping me going"
March 1, 2019 @ 19:47

I use meal replacement drinks exclusively for writing exams, which I’m doing a lot of at the moment, and powder matter does the trick very well. One bag portion filled me up for three hours, so about as long as one full meal.

I enjoyed the coconut flavour and especially liked the bits of coconut that give you something to chew on, creating the impression of eating an actual meal. I also liked the nutty bits in the nutty morning call flavour, although that one had a distinctly odd aftertaste. Still drinkable, but I much prefer the coconut variety.

On the whole, the powder matter meal shake does a very good job of enabling me to write my exams without my belly grumbling too much, and at a more than reasonable price.

"Great taste and incredibly good prices!"
February 26, 2019 @ 19:18

I became aware of power matter on blendrunner and decided to give it a chance, since I’m always keen on trying out new brands in the meal replacement industry. I’ve been a JimmyJoy fellow since the start, but now I guess I found a new favorite. So far, I tried the flavors coconut and strawberry of the meal replacement original.

I mixed one bag with about 600ml fluid (80% mild and 20% water). I do mostly milk because I like the smooth texture it gives the drink and it adds some calories (I am a active person).

Smell: Has a very pleasant, subtle smell, both the coconut and the strawberry.

Taste: Taste is also not very dominant. It’s also quite subtle and pleasant. I like it that way. Not too much sweetnes or not too much flavor is great because I don’t get used to the drink.

Texture: This is quite important for me, since texture is the component that makes the meal replacement drinkable. Powder matter does a good job in having a very fine powder mix which makes the drink very smooth (and easy to shake btw). But there are also some not so fine parts in the drink, which gives me the feeling of having some real food and wanting to chew a bit on it. Especially the coconut flavor is great, because there are some real coconut pieces in it. It actually really tastes and feels a bit like a Bounty, which is great.

Pricing: The price is the gamechanger, in my opinion. If you bulk up, powder matter is really cheap if you compare it to other companies like JimmyJoy, Huel etc. Powder Matter is priced at 0,89? per 400kcal if you order a large amount. Competitors easily charge almost double!

All in all I am very satisfied with the product. Although the company looks to be very young, I think they have an extremely competitive product.

"Faster and cheaper than cooking a complete meal "
June 29, 2018 @ 18:29

Powder Matters Meal Shake comes in an attractive green bag. The front depicts a clear indication of what flavor you?ll get. I went for the coconut flavored version. The back side contains a lot of information. A bit too much if you ask me.
This meal could be convenient when hiking or camping. Downside there is quite some air inside the package which takes in space.

After opening the sachet a distinctive coconut smell is the first thing I noticed. It is nice. The powder is cream colored and has some lumps. I opted to mix with water. In the description is mentioned you could use water or milk. (I’m not sure if the nutritional values as mentioned are with water or milk)
When added to the water the scent is still coconut, but less pleasant. You have to shake long and hard to mix evenly. When drinking you still feel fibers, little pieces of coconut. I like Bounty chocolate bars, so I like it.
I’ve shared a meal with my roommate for lunch. About halfway through I was already satisfied and I had trouble finishing this half meal. I think, even for an evening meal a portion is too much for me and probably most women.

The taste is nice, maybe a bit on the sweet side. It gives a feeling of being full and provides enough energy. I took my pet to the veterinary, did some homework and went for groceries. After 3 hours I had energy still and wasn’t hungry.

Powder Matters is an easy meal. I wouldn’t want to eat it three times a day or seven days per week. Besides, I wouldn’t want to eat sweet all the time. I enjoy hearty and spicy foods. I like to chew on my food as well! But it is faster and cheaper than cooking a complete meal for one person. It is very handy when in a rush or when your budget is tight.

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