Queal Go bars
One meal, for every moment. Queal Go is your meal for on the go. Never go out the door unprepared again!

Surprisingly tasty, with an even more delicious bite. High in protein, low in sugar and a source of fibre.

Available in Nuts & Seasalt (354 kcal) and Dark Chocolate (385 kcal, currently out of stock). Each bar contains at least 20% of your essential vitamins and minerals RDI.

Regular price is ?2,50 per bar.

About Queal
Queal (quick + meal) is a Dutch supplier of Complete Foods: 100% nutrition in a shake, bar or cup of instant oatmeal. All of the meals are quick, tasty and nutritionally complete. A healthy ratio of carbohydrates, protein and fats + all 27 essential vitamins and minerals. The Queal product line-up consists of Ready complete instant oat meal, Steady shakes, Go bars and Flow, a nootropic supplement.

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