Satislent: Smart Food

Satislent: Smart Food

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Smart Food is a nutritionally complete meal replacement shake made in Spain by Satislent. Shipping is available throughout Europe. Read on


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Smart Food is a nutritionally complete powdered meal replacement shake made in Spain by Satislent. Shipping is available throughout Europe.

Meal sizes are typically 670Kcal with a suggested serving size of 160g powder with 500ml Water and provide 20g fat, 25g protein and 92g carbohydrates, with 9.6g fibre.

When it comes to taste; Smart Food is available as , , , , .

Satislent is a substitute for traditional food in the form of shake. The first Spanish soylent; A new way of eating.

Quick, healthy and economic it arises from the need for a healthy and balanced food whose preparation fast and economical result.

Satislent is not a diet product or a simple fast food. Following the principles of soylent it brings numerous benefits in the short and long term and is suitable for vegans, is lactose free and in an appetising flavour, it will leave you sated and full of energy to continue with your activity.

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Average Score: 8.67/10 after 4 reviews

"Special flavored one"
June 8, 2018 @ 05:30

At the moment, this food replacement is the one I liked the most. One of the ingredients is the ‘gofio’ which is toasted corn flour, and has a special flavor, I love it: P.
Vanilla and coffee are my favourite flavors too . It makes me feel full and it’s one of the cheapest. They have two versions, standard and sport (with more proteins) It has a sponsorship program with 5 euros discount using this link:
or using the code during the first purchase: 22132504
Oh! And it’s vegan!!

August 9, 2017 @ 17:23

The texture is a bit floury right after shaking, but if you wait some minutes it gets smooth. Flavours are OK, being coffee and vanilla’s my favourites.
The combination of price + shipping makes it quite economical by comparison with other brands. Also there are discount codes: 1954907 (soponsor code to be introduced during registration) and COCOFREE (to be introduced during checkout).

"Nice one from Spain"
August 8, 2017 @ 03:12

Good taste, coffee is probably the best, particularly with milk. Strawberry and vanilla come next, and lemon to me felt overly artificial.
Nicer-than-expected texture (no sand feeling) and a nice aftertaste.
Ease of mixing is alright though with just the shaker you still get a few unmixed pellets.
It most definitely fills you up. Nice price particularly if you buy the family packs. Free shipping to Spain and Portugal, ok to others.
Website is good, they send you a good shaker the first time.
As a plus for those who care, is vegan-friendly.

"Good local choice "
June 28, 2017 @ 11:49

Finally some local producing.
Taste is good; I liked Coffee and Lemon best. It has some sort of cake/pie after taste.
Texture is totally different to others I’ve eaten before. It’s more floury I suppose due to pea protein source.

Good to know that variants are coming (light/plus).
Free shipping is a plus.

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