Shake2Day Break is a nutritionally complete Ready to Eat meal replacement made in The Netherlands by Shake2Day. Shipping is available internationally.

Meal sizes are typically 210 Kcal with a suggested serving size of 50g and provide 11.2g fat, 5.4g protein and 20.8g carbohydrates, with 2.2g fibre.

Shake2Day Break is perfect to combine a shake with in a Duopack. In that way, you consume 100% of your RDI in vitamins, 80& of your RDI in minerals and 70% of your omega’s in 1 meal! That meal gets separated over 2 moments of eating.

Shake2Day is a completely balanced food concept which acts as an addition or complete substitute of traditional food. Shake2Day is a Future Lifestyle Food and contains every nutrient your body needs. It offers three different concepts. Every shake is packaged in a portion package, of which the nutritional values differ, but with the same amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega 3&6. The biggest difference between the variants is the amount of calories and proteins.


It is advised to eat every 2,5 half hours. This way, your sugar level will stay on a healthy level during the day. That is why Shake2Day offers you the Light and Regular meals in a duo package, which means that one meal consists of a Shake and a Break(Nuts and Fruit bar). Together they constitute an entire meal. The Sport version only consists of a shake.

? Breakfast – Shake ( 7.30 )
Healthy snack – Break ( 10.00 )
? Lunch – Shake ( 12.30 )
Healthy snack – Break ( 15.00 )
? Dinner – Shake ( 17.30 )
Healthy snack – Break ( 20.00 )