Shake2Day Light is perfect for people who needs less then the average amount of calories. One shake contains 295 kcal. To make your meal complete, add the Shake2Day Break!

Shake2Day is a completely balanced food concept which acts as an addition or complete substitute of traditional food. Shake2Day is a Future Lifestyle Food and contains every nutrient your body needs. It offers three different concepts. Every shake is packaged in a portion package, of which the nutritional values differ, but with the same amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega 3&6. The biggest difference between the variants is the amount of calories and proteins.

It is advised to eat every 2,5 half hours. This way, your sugar level will stay on a healthy level during the day. That is why Shake2Day offers you the Light and Regular meals in a duo package, which means that one meal consists of a Shake and a Break(Nuts and Fruit bar). Together they constitute an entire meal. The Sport version only consists of a shake.

· Breakfast – Shake ( 7.30 )
Healthy snack – Break ( 10.00 )
· Lunch – Shake ( 12.30 )
Healthy snack – Break ( 15.00 )
· Dinner – Shake ( 17.30 )
Healthy snack – Break ( 20.00 )

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