Tasty meals, complete and balanced!

Smeal allows all those who crunch the life to the full to regain preparing balanced meals in 30 seconds, freeing them from all constraints.

We have 3 flavours, sweet and salty to delight your taste buds!

In addition, a Smeal meals do not cost more than €3 or €12 per bag. Not bad!

Smeal is the fruit of the story of two young engineers graduates of the University of Technology of Compiègne: Antoine and Sijia. On leaving school, they had the desire to undertake and embark on a mission close to their heart: to bring all solution to eat healthy and quickly, while preserving the gustatory pleasure.

In 2015, they join science platform foods UTC Innovation Centre. They develop their recipes in partnership with Professor Claire Rossi.

From this research was born Smeal , a meal drink consisting of food powder to hydrate. Smeal contains all the nutrients needed for a delicious balanced meal in ideal proportions. To prepare a meal in a minute, just a portion of Smeal, good dose of water and a shaker. Shake, voila!

All our meals were formulated and are developed in France.

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