The team at Oz Soylent is a bunch of regular Melbournians who loves good food and dining out at local cafes and restaurants. However in today’s fast pace living, we are finding it time and cost consuming to prepare wholesome nutritious foods. Most of all the easily accessible commercialized foods are fast foods,they consist too much sugar, salt, and oil which when consumed too much can be unhealthy.

Soylent Australia liquid meal satisfies every taste. Oz Soylent is vegetarian and blends into a smooth texture for a healthy and balanced meal.

Featuring nutrient-dense oats and other ingredients grown in Australia, is our original Oz Soylent. The original Oz Soylent is perfect for mixing with seasonal fruit,nut, and milk to make a quick, easy-to-drink meal specific to your dietary needs. You can also combine with hot water to enjoy a warm and filling breakfast.

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