Soylent Drink is a nutritionally complete ready to drink meal replacement shake made in the USA by Rosa Foods. Shipping is available throughout the UK and the USA.

Meal sizes are typically 400 Kcal with a suggested serving size of 414ml and provide 21g fat, 20g protein and 36g carbohydrates, with 3g fibre.

Soylent Drink is a ready-to-drink meal in a bottle that provides 20% of your daily nutritional requirements at the twist of a cap. With Soylent Drink, you can get a balanced meal in less time than it takes to boil water or microwave a burrito.

Engineered ingredient design.Each ingredient in Soylent Drink provides essential nutrition.

Soy protein: Soy protein isolate provides a smooth texture and robust amino acid profile.

Sunflower oil: High oleic sunflower oil is a high-quality source of monounsaturated fats and contains no trans fat.

Isomaltulose: A slow-metabolizing disaccharide synthesized from beets offers sustained energy without the spikes of refined sugar.

Vitamins & minerals: Each bottle of Soylent Drink includes 20% daily requirements of all essential micronutrients.

Nutrition you can take anywhere. A one-year shelf life gives you the freedom to enjoy Soylent Drink whenever is convenient, no refrigeration required. Excellent nutrition, at the ready.