V24 Vegan is a nutritionally complete Ready to Eat meal replacement made in the UK by Team V24. Shipping is available throughout the UK.

Meal sizes are typically 249 Kcal with a suggested serving size of 72g and provide 8.2g fat, 16.1g protein and 23.3g carbohydrates, with 12.3g fibre.

V24 Vegan is a delicious light meal on the go, ideal in a rush, on the morning commute, for a quick lunch or a quick meal in the evening.

It is environmentally friendly, 100% vegan and contains locally sourced ingredients from a local manufacturing facility.

Produced using sustainable ingredients: oats, flaxseed, rice, peas and a blend of essential vitamins and minerals.

Providing well balanced nutrition, at 72 grams it is larger than most nutrition bars.

Benefits of V24 Vegan:

  • No animal products used.
  • Cruelty free
  • Dairy, Gluten, Lactose & GMO free
  • Delicious flavours that are 100% natural and low in sugar & salt
  • High in plant protein & Fibre
  • Protein is in the form of peas, rice, oats and flaxseeds providing a range of amino acids
  • Contains slow release, low-GI carbohydrates providing sustainable energy
  • Palm oil & Soy Free
  • Contains 22 essential vitamins and minerals, providing 30% of the recommended daily intake
  • Essential fatty acids omega 3 & 6
  • Convenient, healthy, well balanced nutrition
  • Reduces food waste: With a long shelf life of 12 months and such great taste, nothing goes to waste.