Veetal is a modification of Soylent, which contains all proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that the human body needs every day. In contrast to Soylent, the protein is extracted from whey in Veetal and has the highest possible biological value. Further differences to the American original are the ingredients. These include very mineral rich hemp protein, Chia seeds and above-mentioned superfood.
Especially nowadays the body lacks the right amount of nutrients in a one-sided diet. Our physical and mental well-being suffers, although we are mostly unaware of it.

For example, a deficiency of potassium or cholines may affect your social behavior and health. Both are important nutrients essential for the neurological functions of your body (especially for the brain).

Veetal was invented to provide the body with all the necessary and healthy nutrients without spending time, money and effort in preparing normal foods.

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