BENJA is a?blend?of vegetables, lentils, berries, olive oil??and many ?other?super healthy?ingredients.

One BENJA contains all proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins and minerals of a complete meal.

BENJA to have more time?A ready-to-eat healthy meal saves a lot of time, so you can be extra productive.

BENJA to perform better
As a? source of complete protein, with lots of vitamins and minerals.

BENJA to stay young and healthy for longer?
With a?unique blend?of trehalose, malic acid and glycine; substances with the aim of slowing aging.
?BENJA also contains many vitamins and minerals that help the cells to protect themselves.

BENJA to improve cognition?
Healthy food is important for your brain. BENJA contains a high dose of vitamin B12, important for proper functioning of the brain, as well as folic acid and other vitamins and minerals that help brain functioning.?

In 30 seconds you have a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner. Just mix a bag of BENJA with 400 ml of water, shake and ready you are.

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