YFood Labs GmbH: Powder

YFood Labs GmbH: Powder

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Powder is a nutritionally complete meal replacement shake made in Germany by YFood Labs GmbH. Shipping is available throughout Europe. Read on


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400 Kcal €1.76
2000 Kcal €8.80
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Powder is a nutritionally complete powdered meal replacement shake made in Germany by YFood Labs GmbH. Shipping is available throughout Europe.

Meal sizes are typically 400Kcal with a suggested serving size of 85g powder with 300ml water and provide 18g fat, 26g protein and 30g carbohydrates, with 6.9g fibre.

When it comes to taste; Powder is available as , , .

The most beautiful meal ritual we can imagine: shake drinks. Finally the new YFood powder is here! These are just like our finished drinking meals rich in protein and fibre and with everything your body needs. Try fruity Fresh Berry, the deliciously Smooth Vanilla, or Alpine Chocolate.

YFood powder is the ideal meal when the day is long again, but the time to eat is far too short. Our re-sealable 1.5 kg bag contains 17 full portions for € 1.76 each and is therefore a balanced, reasonably priced and tasty alternative to unhealthy junk food.

Good nutrition does not have to be complicated. It’s so easy: Add the powder to the mark in the shaker, add water to the mark and shake for 10 seconds.

YFood Powder – what do we know?

YFood Powder – what do we know?

A hastily removed page broke cover earlier today, lasting just long enough for google to cache it and someone to post about it to Reddit. And it promised…. YFOOD Powder… Nutrition Facts Serving Size: 85g YFood Powder Amount Per Serving Calories 400 % Daily Value* 26% Total Fat 18g grams 10% Saturated Fat 2.4g grams […]

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Is YFood the best tasting Complete Food?

Is YFood the best tasting Complete Food?

When I first found out about YFood my interest was instantly piqued. Not only was it the third European Complete Food I’d heard of that had opted for the Ready to Drink format, but it eschewed the usual reliance on soy in favour of… milk, and that’s relatively usual for Complete Foods.

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Average Score: 8.65/10 after 4 reviews

"Powdery texture"
March 18, 2021 @ 21:47

Nice flavour, pretty sweet but maybe just a bit too ‘milky’. The texture is quite powdery though, and doesn’t mix that well. I prefer the RTDs for sure.

"Best tasting powder and quite perfect overall"
January 8, 2021 @ 19:50

The thing that stands out in this powder is taste – while i find the banana an inch too sweet, the chocolate and berry are divine, at least considering it’s cheap and complete food. It’s quite different from most other powders I’ve tried also because the texture is extremely fine-grained, almost like powdered sugar… mixes with water very quickly and tastes a bit like milk shake but I wonder if it’s healthy in the long run? I mean in theory the more processed / less whole foods are, the worst? Maybe it’s just me wondering where’s the catch because it seems otherwise perfect. It fills you up nicely and it’s also relatively cheap compared to other similar products. As for the free shaker, it’s not perhaps the best because instead of recommending a number of scoops with the right dose, they tell you to fill the shaker up to a certain height (like for Bertrand Bio) and then add water up to another line. So at the beginning you have to figure out how many scoops and half scoops it will take to get to that line. I’m just splitting hair probably – overall a highly recommended product.

October 18, 2020 @ 13:27

I’ve switched to powder because the bottles are too expensive for me right now but wow, I’m definitely not getting a lesser product. The tastes is insane. Few scoops, shake shake shake and boom – it tastes like a delicious milkshake. Berry is the most divine flavour I’ve ever tried and the coffee as close to an actual cup as I could hope for.

"Best tasting powder out there"
September 20, 2020 @ 01:46

They make the nicest RTD’s so of course they make by far the nicest tasting powder. Flavours are subtle and perfectly balanced, mixing is the easiest I’ve ever tried (couple shakes and boom; done) and it’s just all around amazing.

The only downside is that since it’s not as heavy on the oats as other brands it comes out a little thinner – much more like a milkshake than anything else. I absolutely love it the texture but I’m finding I don’t feel as full for as long as with other brands.

No way I’m going to stop buying it though, damn.

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