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We mostly just have anecdotal reports so far, but the below are fairly common reports from various forums.

Toilet visits

On a generally level, people report less toilet breaks being needed. Usually with a slight bit of bodily adjustment in the first couple of days of switching to a high % of future food only diet..


A lot of reports of gas in the first couple of days of switching to a high % future food diet that calms down quickly


Aside from anything else; you’ll consume a lot less sugar when you start eating ‘lents. As your body gets used to the lack of sweetness your tastebuds may adjust a little and you could find that snacks and junk foods you used to love are no more enjoyable, and as you consume less solid food the taste of the food you do eat will likely be more pronounced and enjoyable.


Lots of anecdotal reports of ‘lents being a magic bullet against hangovers, but realistically it’s more likely due to the amount of water and fibre being consumed than ‘lents in particular.


No one knows, or at least no-ones posted about it. One can assume that if you’re improving your nutrition, and your health, then you’ll likely see improvement in this area too.

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