The Hungry Squared podcast has reviewed meal replacements. I’ve not listened to HS before but it’s always interesting to hear points of view around lents and this is an alright listen.

On this week’s episode, we delve into the wide world of meal replacements, from old-school SlimFast shakes to Soylent, a modern meal replacement. It’s fascinating! Have you ever gone on a liquid diet before or would you? Winter is willing to try, but Sharon is not convinced. We also help a Food Fight diner thwart off (or not) french fry thieves. – Hungry Squared2

Soylent talk starts around 14:30 and of course they cover the usual soylent green trope within seconds of mentioning Soylent itself. It’s an interesting outsiders take on things but there are a few odd points though: they seem to think that you still need to add oil to the powder, don’t mention the ready to drink products and aren’t aware of the rest of the future food market – even with over 100 different products available – but they do talk about the DIY side of things over on, so it’s a mixed bag.

Eventually they decide that it must be a pretty miserable life to just drink your food and switch to discussing a juice diet that one of the presenters went on. We all know how bad for you just drinking fruit juice is so it’s no wonder she hated that, and it’s kind of unfair to judge lents by the same yardstick.

But no matter, it’s just a shame they didn’t actually try any Soylent.