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What are Complete Foods?

The best way to explain what Complete Foods are is to first define what they are not; Complete Foods are not Slimfast for nerds. They are not a diet plan (though they do fit well into one) and they are not designed around weight loss (though again, they can be used here to great effect).

Complete Foods are, simply; the idea that good nutrition can be refined and reduced to the point where meals are simple, cost effective, take the minimal of fuss and yet are still properly balanced and nutritionally complete.

What can you use Complete Foods for?

Often powder based but increasingly taking Ready to Drink formats, shakes can be used to replace whole foods and yet still deliver a nutritionally complete diet.

There are three main camps when it comes to Complete Foods.

  1. People replacing skipped or poor quality meals
  2. People looking to get control of their calorie intake
  3. People ditching regular food altogether

1. Replacing skipped or poor quality meals

With today’s fast paced lives it’s not unusual to grab whatever’s there for breakfast or skip eating entirely. Then in office jobs it’s common to eat the sandwich of the day at the local supermarket with crisps and a can of soda. Complete Foods are in both scenarios. Ensuring proper nutrition at breakfast, and/or replacing what would otherwise be a low quality meal at lunch.2. Controlling calorie intake

Weight loss is about running a calorie deficit and often improving nutritional content of meals. Balanced nutrition is the quickest win with Complete Foods, but a they also make counting calories much easier. Whether you want a 400 or 700 kcal meal, if you have a set of scales or a scoop either are easy to accomplish and keep an eye on.

One thing to note is that you will be hungry when eating Complete Foods to lose weight. Not only will you consume less calories than your body needs to maintain weight, but’shakes are less dense than solid food and are much quicker/easier for your body to digest.3. Ditching food altogether

Complete Foods are a new kind of nutrition and whilst not generally intended to replace every meal, they can replace any meal. With balanced nutritional profiles however and well thought out macro balances there’s a growing number of people that use them for high percentages of their daily nutrition. Whether that’s breakfast and lunch, with a cooked meal in the evening, or as a majority of their calorific intake and the occasional plate of ‘proper’ food, it’s an interesting development.

Are Complete Foods safe?

By now lots of people have been living on diets containing large amounts of Complete Foods for multiple years. I’ll admit that to a point we’ve been early adopters and have been experimenting on ourselves and how we get our nutrition, but really nutrition is, simply, nutrition; and it’s a common misconception that there’s any real difference between natural ingredients and their synthetic counterparts.

All food, indeed everything in the world around us, is made from the same basic chemical building blocks and whether they occur in nature or are created in a lab doesn’t matter.

We’ve a bigger article on this over here.

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