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Powder Feed. is simple, delicious, nutritionally balanced and affordable food, including everything that your body needs. This recipe provides you with 100% of your nutritional requirements (protein, fat, carbohydrates, fibres, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements?). A Feed. drink will satisfy your appetite for up to half a day. Tasty, healthy, natural... Our ingredients are central to our idea of providing delicious and nutritionally balanced meals.


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100 Kcal €0.45
400 Kcal €1.79
2000 Kcal €8.96
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Feed. Powder is a nutritionally complete powdered meal replacement shake made in France by Feed. Shipping is available throughout Europe.

Meal sizes are typically 661Kcal with a suggested serving size of 150g powder with 450ml water and provide 27.1g fat, 18.4g protein and 80.9g carbohydrates, with 10.3g fibre.

4 Reviews...

"Great taste - too expensive though"
May 30, 2018 @ 08:04

What I like about feed is the taste. For a powder product it is really good. Sometime a slightly weird aftertaste, which is not dramatic though. 2 things which didn’t make we want to use it regularly: Way to expensive for a powder product and didn’t satisfy my hunger for more than 2hours on average (which simply isn’t enough for a meal replacer)

"Taste is a blast!"
April 28, 2018 @ 21:45

Recently tested this to bring some variety into my powdered food routine and I must say this really blows me away in terms of flavors.

I’ve had the chance to test Red Fruits, which tastes mostly like berries and the more uncommon ceps (mushrooms) and spicy tomatoes (really spicy) flavors. All of these are completely on point. No strange aftertaste, no pea protein flavor coming through – no offtaste. Small downside maybe is that the aftertaste will sit in your mouth for quite a while. They add small bits of dried fruits, mushrooms or herbs that really make you taste what’s inscribed on the pouch. All that in conjunction with the aromas creates a wonderful blend. This is – in terms of taste – the best lent I’ve sampled so far. Also a big plus for going the extra mile and offer some uncommon flavors. All of these taste like the description says (not ‘vanilla’ and then the powder tastes like salty ice cream for example).

In terms of consistency, this is very close to your average protein shake. No chalky texture, but a smooth, fluid shake. Mixability is not great but ok if you have something to break up the lumps (metal ball, sieve, etc) in your shaker. If you leave it sit, the mix doesn’t thicken that much (which can be a plus if you forget the shake somewhere).

In terms of ingredients, this is a completely vegan shake (not that I’d care). Base is oatmeal (gluten free), sunflower oil, isomaltulose (maltodextrin on steroids), pea protein, yellow flax, some rice flour and a bit of cane sugar. I do appreciate the use of plain sugar instead of some obscure and weird-tasting sweetener (looking at you, sucrose). List of ingredients is short and easy to understand (once again, no strange chemicals in here).
Bit of a mistery to me is the vitamin mix, as it lists all vitamins but not the form they actually use to provide them (e.g. just ‘K’ or ‘D’ instead of ‘K2 from MK-7’ or ‘D3’) – would be a big plus if they’d expand on that.

Meals are filling (being 150g powder, 650kcal) and keep me satiated for a few hours afterwards. No digestion issues, no sugar rush, no food induced coma. Price per meal is OK if you order in bulk (think between 2,40 to 2,50 if you get the full 20% discount).

I’ll be ordering this again – maybe not as a daily lent but definitely as part of the stack to get some variety here and there. As I said, the flavors are really something that stand out here.

"Rien ? redire ! D?licieux, pratique et nutritionnel, sauve bien des situations !"
December 7, 2017 @ 17:24

Rien – redire ! D?licieux, pratique et nutritionnel, sauve bien des situations !
Pour les matins press’s, les midis r?unions ou les soirs sportifs. La meilleure solution qui soit.

"taste good"
January 13, 2017 @ 08:48

Nice one ! i have tested chocolate and vegetable. I prefer vegetable but chocolate is good too. like this vegan opportunity. I was not hungry for 7 hours.

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